Key Strategies

Managing with Integrity, Creating the Cornerstone of Our Sustainable Business

At CyberPower, we strive to maintain a business strategy centered around integrity, staying compliant, and gaining the trust of our customers. We take steps to establish effective management systems and operating procedures that benefit all stakeholders. Through comprehensive performance management, we seek to create shared value for all involved.

Gearing to International Standard to Respond to Climate Action

CyberPower has taken proactive approach to establish a sustainable environment with our business operations, including formulating relevant policies and implementing effective control, and developing energy management systems. We are committed to doing our part to realize the goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 as the Paris Agreement called for.

Revving Up the Green Economy through Environmental Friendliness

While tapping into the global market with our major product, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), CyberPower acknowledged our substantial influence on the environment and took immediate actions. Since 2011, CyberPower has participated in the US Energy Star energy-saving program, which has enabled us to actively enhance our products' energy efficiency in pursuit of environmental sustainability. Our team takes great pride in our self-developed GreenPower UPS™ patented energy-saving technology, which reduces system energy consumption by up to 93%. We believe this technology can help users save energy and reduce electric bills.